Jordan, a figurative acrylic nude on canvas.

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The original piece of art is a 24 by 30 inch acrylic painting canvas that was done at the open session in Benedictine University. The painting shows a model name Jordan sitting on a small couch with her arms resting on the back and side. Her right leg is extended out, resting on an box that was not rendered in the painting, and her left leg up on the couch. Jordan was posing for about 2 hours, and I spent those 2 hours fervently painting with expressive strokes and taking risks with the colors I chose to use. Under those tight circumstances, quick decisions need to be made and you have to be willing to let go of rendering every detail, which is why the legs and hands are so vague and gestural.

This painting was made at a time when I was using very saturated acrylic paints straight out of the tube with little mixing. The important aspect of the paint I chose on any given area was the value. I had total disregard for the hue. It’s a mindset that was carried over when I studied art in high school, and I was very fond of using complimentary color schemes in acrylic paint. Using complementary color schemes teaches you how to render things according to value by being limited to only two pigments. In my case it was often dioxazine violet and cadmium yellow. This painting was featured in this blog post.

The original piece is a 24 inch by 30 inch gallery wrapped canvas with hanging wire. The prints do not come framed.

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