Bulgarian Rose


“Bulgarian Rose”, Oil on canvas. Saturated quinacridones over warm cadmiums are featured in this energetically executed painting. The painting is of a single rose thriving in a quiet Bulgarian park, a country renowned for rose agriculture.

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“Bulgarian Rose”, 16 inch x 20 inch, oil on canvas.¬†Looking at this work, you can see the intense hues of quinacridone magenta, which infuse the canvas with a sense of vibrancy and vitality. Warm cadmiums add depth and warmth to the composition, enhancing the rose’s delicate petals and capturing the essence of its vibrant energy. The intense hues and dynamic brushstrokes create a sense of movement and vitality, perfectly showcasing the rose’s delicate petals. Bulgaria’s rich history in rose agriculture served as the perfect inspiration for this painting. As you immerse yourself in this artwork, you’ll feel the tranquility and appreciation for nature that this country is renowned for.

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